Rhino FastTent air structures were developed by our company for easy and quick installation/removal, rapid weather protection and temperature control without the need for scaffolding and installation of shrink wrap.

Thus, there in no need for work in height and the end result is always perfect and not dependent from the installer.

Each booth is made of heavy duty industrial grade flame retardant PVC and is tested on site for maximum durability. The construction material, being flame retardant, allows for hot works neraby and even inside the chamber. Fast and easy installation is what makes the big difference compared to other options. The air filling process, takes only few minutes and is performed by the supplied fan system.

Some of the features we can incorporate are

Removable or permanent flooring made of Flame retardant PVC
Windows and access doors
Fixtures for fixing lighting and electric system
Curtain wall protection
Translucent roof for natural lighting
Fully sealed walls for applications where continuous air supply is not possible

One of the major advantages of the Rhino FastTent is that our company provides customers the ability to order and manufacture their unit based on their needs, following desired color scheme and incorporating the logo of their company.

Case Studies

Rhino Shrink Wrap supply scaffolders and contractors with scaffold shrink wrapping materials that are engineered for the toughest applications.

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