Rhino Shrink wrapping clips (Tub of 100)

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Shrink wrapping clips are sometimes known as scaffold clips. They are used during scaffold shrink wrapping to hold sheets of shrink wrap film in position before they are heat welded together.

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Re-usable scaffold shrink wrap clips are a more sustainable / economical alternative to patch tape and enable jobs to be completed faster professionally.

• 30mm x 1.2mm clips to suit standard scaffold tube with an outside diameter of 48.3mm.
• Re-usable clips for securing wrap prior to welding and shrinking.
• Manufactured from steel with a zinc & yellow passivate plate.
• Supplied in a convenient tub of 100 clips.

Advice from our installation teams:

“We used to find that were losing lots of clips on jobs. Whether they were being dropped and left or left clipped on to the sheeting, a tub of 100 was lasting just a couple of jobs. Now, we split a tub and spray the clips with a different colour for each team. Then everybody is accountable. We still lose the odd one but far less than before.”

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Rhino Shrink Wrap is a heat-shrink plastic sheeting made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) that offers a professional lining which protects both the interior and the exterior, creating a smooth and perfectly applied protective layer
Its main features are
✓ High biaxial shrinkage factor (> 40%)
✓ Excellent firmness
✓ Ability of hot welding between individual sheets
✓ Variety of available rolls
✓ Unlimited coverage capability
✓ Special Flame retardant material
✓ Ultraviolet inhibitor for added strength