Rhino Roll Up Zippers 3,6m

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Rhino ‘Roll Up’ zippers allow you to create a larger door opening is required, and unlike the ‘Step Through’ type of door that we supply, it completely rolls up out of the way and leaves no ‘lip’ to step over. Because of this, the ‘Roll Up’ door is typically used where the movement of machinery or equipment is required.

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• Heavy duty nylon zipper teeth (No.10 size) to minimise chances of zip sticking.
• Two metal zipper pulls on each side of the door (4 total) means that you can open the door quickly from both sides.
• Can be used to create a door 3,6m high with virtually unlimited width.

To fit, simply remove the self adhesive backing paper from each zipper and apply to your finished shrink wrap cover. The door is then unzipped and a knife is used to cut down between the teeth of the zip, ensuring that the knife cuts through the backing of the zip and the shrink wrap underneath. The zippers can be applied at any distance apart, depending on the size of opening that is required. Zippers can also be used to create modular roofs if needed.

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Rhino Shrink Wrap is a heat-shrink plastic sheeting made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) that offers a professional lining which protects both the interior and the exterior, creating a smooth and perfectly applied protective layer
Its main features are
✓ High biaxial shrinkage factor (> 40%)
✓ Excellent firmness
✓ Ability of hot welding between individual sheets
✓ Variety of available rolls
✓ Unlimited coverage capability
✓ Special Flame retardant material
✓ Ultraviolet inhibitor for added strength