Shrink Wrap 250micron 16m x 50m , Marine/Industrial

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This 16 metre wide x 50 metre long industrial shrink wrap is ideal for shrink wrapping the largest pieces of equipment and machinery to protect them during storage or road/sea transport and of course yachts. The 16m wide film is folded down to 1.9m width on the roll for shipping.

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Engineered to weld / join easily and shrink powerfully to create the signature ‘drum tight’ finish to the cover you are looking for. Although this size of wrap is typically used for marine shrink wrapping of megayachts it is often used to create large shrink wrap covers for industrial equipment, modular buildings and machinery.

• Dimensions: 16 m wide x 50 m long rolls (800 square metres per roll)
• Thickness: 250 μm (250 microns)
• Roll weight: 192Kg (Up to 8 rolls can be packed per pallet)
• Industrial/Marine Grade mean that Extra UV Inhibitor is added to ensures longevity against solar radiation

Need a different size? Our 200 and 250 micron marine/industrial grade shrink wrap films are available for order in the following sizes; 4m x 50m, 6m x 50m, 8m x 50m, 10m x 50m, 12m x 50m, 14m x 50m, 16m x 50m

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Shrink Wrap Thickness

200 micron

Shrink Wrap Width


Shrink Wrap Type

Maritime-Industrial Type

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Rhino Shrink Wrap is a heat-shrink plastic sheeting made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) that offers a professional lining which protects both the interior and the exterior, creating a smooth and perfectly applied protective layer
Its main features are
✓ High biaxial shrinkage factor (> 40%)
✓ Excellent firmness
✓ Ability of hot welding between individual sheets
✓ Variety of available rolls
✓ Unlimited coverage capability
✓ Special Flame retardant material
✓ Ultraviolet inhibitor for added strength